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BONINIMODELS has created a group of professionals specialized in design, design and implementation of rapid prototyping models.

Our work group is able to respond to customer needs with a range of highly professional and qualitatively excellent solutions.

The proposals and designs are conceived by Andrea Cartella and Stefano Germena.

Intellectual property reserved for all purposes.


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Working on the contents , even before design,we found different practical solutions that suited our case.

The lower part , carrier,it consists of a road trolley , approved,equipped in such a way as to be able to accommodate a "module" that acts as a hull.

The insertion of floating cubes below the walking surface ensure buoyancy for our qboat , unsinkability and stability in any situation.

Navigation is facilitated by 2 O 4 independent mobile dinghies that have the function of supporting the qboat in all conditions and making it safe both at the buoy and in motion.

All chassie , trolley included,they are winged on the access ramps of the ports , in complete safety.