BIFRI it was conceived from the outset considering two fundamental aspects: safety and versatility.

BIFRI it offers itself as a means of leisure and work for which it was our primary attention to emphasize safety, the structure of BIFRI it is made up of absolutely sturdy and unsinkable navigation cubes arranged in such a way as to guarantee maximum stability in navigation.

This system a “moduli” makes the BIFRI definitely a vehicle with a thousand uses both on land and on water, guaranteeing total safety in both cases, thus providing a decidedly appropriate vehicle for a very wide range of uses.

We have paid a lot of attention in the design and in the navigation tests to be able to affirm that the BIFRI turns out to be a work and / or fun tool with all the credentials for the peace of mind of those who use it.

From the land directly into the water, this was the aim of the project and we succeeded with an idea that became a project and then materialized into BIFRI, a safe means, fun and multipurpose that will not fail to satisfy all your needs in small navigation.