BIFRI is the right answer to countless needs.

The idea of ​​developing a multipurpose vehicle starting from a road trolley has given rise to a series of solutions suitable for different situations, BIFRI is designed to be equipped to face countless areas of use.

As part of pure fun BIFRI represents an excellent solution to have a multipurpose raft available that can be used for fishing, for small navigation or like “an island” private sundeck perhaps off the coast of a quiet pond.

As part of a professional employment the BIFRI it truly becomes the ideal solution for those situations where other means would not be usable.
BIFRI it can become a life raft or become a diving platform or it can also be used for patrolling areas that are difficult to reach by other means.

BIFRI can be equipped with an absolutely silent and ecological electric motor to be able to move easily in areas where minimum acoustic impact is required., think for example of a marshy oasis.

Ultimately, the use of the BIFRI it represents an ideal solution to face small navigation in the most ecological and safe way.